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Market Surveillance

Market Surveillance

Course Description

This course introduces participants to the activities carried out and measures taken by designated authorities to ensure that products comply with mandatory requirements. It showcases Market Surveillance tools and objectives, in order that participants may better understand how MS authorities contribute to the smooth functioning of the Single Market. The course further examines the need for cooperation and information-sharing and identifies enforcement actions taken by market surveillance authorities to prevent commercial operators from attaining a competitive advantage through non-compliance.

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After completing this course, participants will be able to:

  • Discuss the application of standards for market surveillance purposes
  • Recognize the importance of Market Surveillance as an important tool in ensuring the objectives of a market with respect to the free movement of goods.
  • Understand the regulatory issues and challenges affecting market surveillance and enforcement


For its first edition, the courses will be moderated by a UNECE expert who will encourage participants to exchange among themselves and submit assignments to complete their learning objectives. This will allow UNECE to try out the courses and as needed improve them before they are offered as stand-alone. The first edition of the courses will be launched on 1st December 2019.

Course structure

Section Course Introduction

Section Market Surveillance in Regulatory Frameworks

Section Building a Basis for a Market Surveillance System

Section Running a Market Surveillance/Enforcement Body

Course format




Time required

4 hours

Course access

Open for enrolments

Course fee

Free of charge